Holistic Full Body Massage

Performed with a listening touch, this massage aims to restore balance on all levels of being. Relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and energy work may also be incorporated to promote calmness of mind and a sense of serenity – a deeply relaxing treatment.

60 mins - $110

90 mins - $150

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Warmed, smooth bamboo canes are used to deliver a deep, firm massage designed to relieve stress, muscle tension and aches and pains while a therapeutic blend of grapeseed and specially selected essential oils nourish skin and promote a deep sense of wellbeing.

60 mins - $125

90 mins - $165

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Relieve stress and tension held in the upper body with this mood boosting express treatment.

30 minutes $50

(available only as an add on)

Relaxing Facial Treatments

Relax and enjoy a deep cleansing facial treatment in which skin is given a nutrient power boost to help smooth, detoxify, hydrate, nourish and improve skin texture. This treatment includes facial massage and a choice of scalp, foot or hand/arm massage

Express facial – 30 minutes (available only as an add on) – $50
Classic facial – 60 minutes – $110

Luxury Organic Skincare Rituals

Treat your skin a to one of our luxury Evolve Beauty Rituals. These multi-award winning skincare products are packed with organic superfood ingredients which have been carefully handcrafted to give your skin the care it deserves.

Evolve Signature Beauty Ritual

Combine ultimate relaxation with efficacious results. The skin is deep cleansed, massaged, exfoliated and treated for a glowing, clear and soft complexion with products professionally selected to address your skin’s individual needs. Includes a de-puffing eye massage with the Evolve rollerball technology.

60 minutes


Evolve Superfood Age Smart Ritual

Designed to support graceful ageing by incorporating superfoods and high tech green ingredients to reduce wrinkle depth, improve firmness, tone and radiance.
Alongside the benefits of an exclusive crystal facial massage, you’ll be treated to the utmost relaxation with an indulgent massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders.

90 minutes


Evolve Express Ritual

Enjoy a personalized express Evolve spa protocol in which expertly blended natural and organic formulas are professionally selected to care for your skin’s specific needs.


30 minutes

$70 or $60 as an add on to any other service